Career. Coffee. Creativity. Culture. California.


Inspiring creative professionals and coffee drinkers from coast to coast.

Behind the blogger:

My name is Alex, and I’m a 20-something PR professional based in San Francisco. I grew up in Carlsbad (a beach town in San Diego) and Caffeinated Californian gets its name from my beach origins and caffeine addiction passion.

Behind the blog:

I’ve always been career-driven. It’s just part of my personality. I love working and I love what I do as a PR professional and as a blogger. In college I realized how much I enjoy helping other women pursue that career drive too. It started when my sorority sisters asked me for advice on job interviews and putting together a portfolio and all the other things that come from job searching. There’s just something about putting your best foot forward and bringing 110% to your work, no matter what you do.

College was also when I really got into coffee. Like really got into coffee. By sophomore year I was drinking it black at least twice a day. This was an extremely wired period in my life. Then I calmed down a little bit and got into wellness. They seem like opposites but you need both.

And then, as a PR intern at Ulta Beauty one summer, I discovered my passion for beauty, especially skincare (and this was right when I started getting some crazy breakouts- thanks, adult acne! It’s ok though, I figured it out). I used to think the beauty industry was so superficial, but it’s actually full of innovation, artistry and empowerment.

So I started this blog to combine the three passions: career, coffee, cosmetics. And a bit beyond that, travel, wellness and culture. In my mind, the Caffeinated Californian is any woman (or man) who wants inspiration and real talk for working hard, getting sh*t done, feeling beautiful, being kind to others and being kind to yourself.

Email: caffeinatedcalifornian@gmail.com

I’m happy to collaborate with brands that I believe in, from coffee, to beauty products, to career tools- send me a note!

Professional website: alexgnibus.com


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