Fave Five: Deskside beauty essentials

For this week’s Fave Five, I wanted to share some of my favorite essentials to stash in your makeup bag at work. How many times have you needed to touch up your lips, add eyeshadow to go out straight from the office, or add some much-needed oomph to your hair with dry shampoo? These are the lifesavers, and you’ll thank me later the next time your date wants to grab drinks after work and you need a 5-second makeover.

Deskside Beauty

1. Maybelline The City Mini Palette: I love this palette for both its size and the variety of shades that I can work with. It’s $10 so really a no-brainer for the cash-strapped young professional with too much of a social life for their poor wallet. But it’s also my own fault that I live in San Francisco and drink $20 glasses of wine, so don’t feel sorry for me, just feel sorry for my bank account.

2. YSL Lip Balm: Any tinted lip balm really works here, but I tried this at Sephora and it’s got great shades for both the professional environment at work and for happy hour after. It also looks super cute sitting on your desk! I always keep a lip product in my desk that gives both color and moisture, because the last thing you want is chapped, pale lips in a client meeting. Not a great look.

3. Saturday Skin Wide Awake Brightening Cream: I’m all about the skin care these days, and during a long week sometimes my eyes just get so dark that my managers can tell I’m struggling. Enter eye cream. This is the stuff. It is worth every penny knowing I can dab this on and look 10 times more awake and on top of it, even when I’ve just hopped off a red-eye flight and I’m stressed about a project. You really can’t put a price on the skin products that help you put your best game face on.

4. Soap & Glory The Righteous Butter: My hands get dry and office air is THE WORST so I love having this at my desk to keep moisturizing. It also smells gorgeous. Whenever I put this body butter on, I imagine I smell like what a Victoria’s Secret model smells like, and then my confidence grows by like ten million. Just from body butter. And it’s $15. Go buy it now. Gbless these Soap & Glory people for making their bath and body products so affordable.

5. Mario Badescu Lavender Spray: If you’ve ever felt like you need to hit refresh on your whole face (and not just your email), this does the trick. I give myself a spritz whenever I want to smell and feel fresh, without the overwhelming heaviness of perfume. Plus this helps set your makeup if you touch it up during the day.

Honorable Mentions:

Batiste Mini Dry Shampoo: I use the brunette color so I can feel safe knowing there isn’t any white residue in my hair (you can’t always check at work!) and it’s perfect to have on hand for when my hair is falling flat during the day and needs a boost. It’s actually surprising how many times I’ve heard a coworker asking around for dry shampoo!

Dove deodorant: Sometimes you just get the sweats and need some extra help. This is another one I keep hearing my coworkers ask around for.

Bobbi Brown foundation stick: If you have acne spots or just need to touch up your face, it’s super helpful to keep foundation at your desk. This foundation stick from Bobbi Brown comes in really exact shades and blends well, so you don’t have to worry as much about a mirror or tools if you don’t have them available at the office.

Do you have any secret weapons that you keep at your desk to look and feel sharp throughout the day? Spill!!





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