I moved to San Francisco!!

Well friends, it’s been a while…but Caffeinated Californian is back in business! Why the break, you ask? Eh, no big reason…just moved to a new city and started a new job.

Wait, yes, BIG reasons! Big things have been happening and my blog totally fell to the wayside, but no mas, mis amigos, because I have more coffee shops than ever and more thoughts to fire off on everything from work advice to concerts.

I live in a Victorian house on Russian Hill, which is the neighborhood right next to the touristy area with all the cable cars and crazy streets (like Lombard Street, the famous “crookedest street”), and dangerously close proximity to Ghirardelli Square and In-N-Out. My neighbors are basically sea lions so I’m pretty stoked.


Anyways, I’ll keep this big life update super short, because there’s just wayyy too much to discuss. So for now, stay tuned for more coffee and vitamin sea.


Til then-




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